Corrective Color in Princeton, NJ

Nearly everyone has tried a new hair color at some point. But what if it doesn’t work out the way you anticipated? Whether it’s an at-home coloring disaster or a salon experiment that didn’t go well – color correction exists to save your strands. As the top experts in hair color in Princeton, NJ, our staff is trained in the nuances of what it takes to address any hair coloring issue.

What is corrective color?

Corrective color can mean a variety of things. But, simply put, color correction is any service that requires at least two steps to leave a client with a significantly different look. As an example, if you have light hair and want to become a brunette, you’ll need to have your hair colored twice in the same day to make sure the color sets properly to last. The first step is to color warm tones into the hair, while the second is to refine and enhance those tones for a rich finish. If this two-step color correction isn’t followed, there’s the distinct possibility that you could end up with blotchy, muddy, or even green hair. Ensuring you find a certified hair colorist to perform your color correction is key.

Who performs corrective color?

Corrective color should always be performed by a professional with specific training in color correction.Our team of hair stylists at Another Angle Salon is trained in the art of corrective color. We even have a Master Colorist, Julie Winberg, on staff to address any color correction need. Julie has been a member of The American Board of Certified Haircolorists since 2004, and a member of our team since 1986. As a Board Certified Haircolorist and Goldwell certified hair colorist, Julie’s expertise in corrective color in Princeton, NJ, is unmatched.

What is a Board Certified Haircolorist?

To become a Master Colorist, every Board Certified Haircolorist is required to pass a stringent test established by a committee of his/her peers through The American Board of Certified Haircolorists. This test, comprised of writing, performance, and skills sections, is established to measure the competence of the applicant’s haircoloring skills. The purpose of the ABCH and this testing is to recognize those individuals who have gone the extra mile to become the very best in their craft. Master Colorists have reached a higher level of competence as hair colorists and in specific fields of hair coloring such as corrective color.

Our Products

At Another Angle, we strive to use the best hair products in the industry. We’re committed to using the number one hair color in the world, Goldwell, to ensure your results are perfect every single time. Goldwell products guarantee intense colors full of brilliance in all dimensions, while enhancing the health of your hair.

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